Landscape ecology education in a changing world

Symposium organised by:

Janez Pirnat, Department of Forestry, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.


This symposium will evaluate landscape ecology education in the past and give an overview of the present situation in different European countries / regions and the approaches of different universities. Round table discussion will develop proposals for improving landscape ecology education in a changing world.


Landscape ecology education is an essential foundation for landscape ecological research and for developing robust landscape policy. It is an important part of landscape education, which is a key challenge of the European Landscape Convention. This symposium will critically evaluate landscape ecology education principles and practice in various European countries / regions.

The symposium will consider the following discussion topics: mixing virtual and contact teaching methods in landscape ecology; self evaluation as a part of the education evaluation process; and the status of landscape ecology education in selected countries. It will also provide a forum for discussion of the results of a survey on landscape ecology education in different IALE chapters and countries.

The symposium will be structured as a round-table discussion and will include presentations as well as opportunities to interact with people involved in landscape ecology education across Europe. It will help to set the direction for landscape ecology education over the next decade.


The symposium will provide an opportunity to develop networks between people involved in landscape ecology education and will shape the future work of the IALE-Europe Education Working Group. Education materials collected together for the symposium will be made available on the IALE-Europe website.

Oral presentations